Hex Breaker Reversal Container Candle

A jar candle with black and red colors in palm wax.
A hand holding a black and red reversal container candle.
A top down view of a reversal candle with black palm wax.
Magical properites of Hex Breaker reversal candles.
A guide to practical candle magic.
Candle magic makes dreams come true.

Hex Breaker Reversal Container Candle

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Remove love spells, break domination, and have freedom from oppression. Hex Breaker candles reverse curses and control from others, removing their attempts to cause burden. These are reversal candles to return and reverse dark influence away from you. We encourage the use of this candle in the midst of someone else attempting to control or manipulate you. Burn these once a month for protective measure!

Black governs the properties of protection, reversing, and releasing. Red rules the properties of love, domination, and action. Together, they behave as reversals of oppressive intentions. As it is in nature, so it is in magick!

7 Day candles are intended to be burned to completion. Once the candle reaches half way down the jar, it will be difficult to blow out or relight. Take note that palm wax candles may burn differently than other candles such as soy or paraffin. Expect a large flame for the first several minutes after lighting the candle.

  • Make: Five Corners Co Signature Candle
  • Type: Double Action Container Candle
  • Magick: Break Hexes, Protection, Reversal, Release
  • Type: Container Candle
  • Scent: Rose, White Wood, Vanilla
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Material: 100% Palm Wax
  • Size: 2.5x8 inches
  • Burn Time: 168 hours, 7-8 days
  • Unit Count: 1 Candle

Each candle is free of phthalates, parabens, gluten, and lead. We make our candles by hand, in small batches to ensure quality and efficacy. Our fragrances are curated with botanical infusions, wicks are made of cotton, and the wax is food grade for clean, safe burning.

Caution - Keep the wick trimmed approximately 1/4th of an inch. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Remove all labeling and packaging before use. Burn on a fire-proof, surface. Adding additional ingredients to the product such as oils, herbs, and salts will effect the efficacy, safety, and burn time of the candle. For best practices, check the wick every four hours.

By the Way - We neither have the right or ability to guarantee any of the spiritual claims in this listing. Therefore, the items in this listing are Sold Only As Curio.

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