Candle Conjure Signature Service

Black pillar candle on a notebook next to love spell oil and sticks of incense in a dark room.
Candles held in ritual within a circle of salt on a hearth.
A wooden arrow pointing up.
An open purple and pink lotus flower.
Red lipstick kiss.
Laughing buddha golden statue.
A feather in rainbow colors.
Metal shield with eagle - Five Corners Co
Candle magic for protection in a dish of rose petals - Five Corners Co
Candle Conjure signature service by Five Corners Co.

Candle Conjure Signature Service

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Candle Service
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Manifest abundance, prosperity, protection or love with our candle service! This is a working that uses our very own signature candles, salt mixtures and oils in one setup. Send us on a mission for any desire or intention in mind and we will perform a ritual spell on your behalf to make it so. It is our privilege to put in the work to cause catalytic change for your wishes!

  • Remote Candle Service
  • Performed by Five Corners Company
  • Includes one carved candle
  • Can be upgraded with three add-ons
  • Spans over 1-3 days
  • Pictures & notes included
  • Requires use of Note Box in Cart/Checkout
  • Unit: 1 intention per working

What Happens: A candle which reflects your desire is selected to conjure your intention. We'll carve your intention, tag-lock, and assisting magical symbols into the candle. If you wish to add-on our Bless & Dress feature, the corresponding oil and herbal salt mix is blended and dressed to your candle. Should you also wish to add-on a Warding candle, we will Bless & Dress a secondary candle with one of our blessing oils and our Black Witch Salt mix to be burned for protective and warding measures while we conduct your candle service. Candle services may be completed within 1-3 days, depending on what happens throughout the working. The results of magical workings can take up to 28 days (one lunar cycle) or longer depending on the complexity of any given circumstance.

What Else: You will receive an email the moment we begin your candle service, along with a photograph of the first lighting of the candle setup. Upon completion of the ritual spell, we will follow up with a second email with any notes we noticed during the working. This includes noted burning behaviors, a brief notation of the wax remains, and a second photo of the outcome.

What To Do: Our candle service may be purchased just as-is for a basic burning or upgraded with up to two add-ons. Before purchasing, head to your Cart/Checkout and select Add Order Note. Once there, let us know what your intention is and let us know full name, date of birth, and city/state so we can tag-lock the service to you. If you feel uncomfortable with providing that information, we will use what we can from your order information.

Who's This For: This service is ideal for those who do not have the safe space to conduct candle magic and ritual; whether this presents as clumsy children and pets, invasive family members, or hazards that may prevent the use of long burning candles. Especially in our common era, it may seem as if fascist oppression is around corner and ready to fall upon our heads - this service is a response to that circumstance and is therefore for anyone and everyone with a wish.

Note - Our candle service is a first come, first serve basis. We have up to 6 slots available to work with at any given time. At max capacity, your candle service may be next in line. We will let you know if this is the case. In any case, all services and notifications will take place within 24 hours of your order.

By the way - due to the powers that be, we must inform you that we cannot guarantee the spiritual or magical claims in this listing, and therefore this listing is sold as Curio or Entertainment only.

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Black pillar candle on a notebook next to love spell oil and sticks of incense in a dark room.
Candles held in ritual within a circle of salt on a hearth.
Candle Conjure Signature Service
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