Burn It For Me Candle Service

Burn It For Me Candle Service
Burn It For Me Candle Service
Burn It For Me Candle Service
Burn It For Me Candle Service
Burn It For Me Candle Service
Burn It For Me Candle Service

Burn It For Me Candle Service

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This is an add-on Candle Service to our selection of signature candles in our shop - a perfect and ideal solution for those who are unable to safely or discretely perform candle magick at home. Whether it's kids, religious boundaries, no time or space, or an overbearing member of the house ... we got you covered. We'll light a candle of your choosing for you, up in our Sacred Space!

*NOTE* This is a simple action of burning our candles with your magical tag-lock, not a Candle Ritual service - - we provide only one photo of service evidence, and facilitate the burning candles. We do not provide interpretations, readings, or further actions in this service (see Candle Ritual service for those needs).

How does it work?

1. Place the candle of your choosing in your shopping cart.

2. Place this Burn It For Me candle service in your shopping cart.

3. In the Instruction/Note Box at checkout, let us know your full name, full date of birth, and your city/state. If you do not feel comfortable providing that information, we'll use what we see post-purchase (This is called a "tag-lock" that helps link the candle to you).

4. Complete your transaction, and we will begin within 24 hours of the purchase. You will receive a photo via email of your candle in action along with your "tag-lock" information.

5. Any shipping will be refunded right back to you, though you can use this code: DIGIBURN at checkout to remove shipping. (Doesn't stack with other codes)

*Note* add as many of this service as there are candles, if you'd like us to burn more than one.

Compatible candle collections: Herbal Blessing Candles, Ritual Candles, Double Action Candles, & Figure Candles

But what happens?

We are using our sacred space to light a candle for you, which is tied to you using specific identifying information that no one else would share - like a thumb print! Your tag-lock information is burned in the process as "spirit-mail" to send the candle magick to your situation. The Burn It For Me candle service is very discrete in that no copies of your information are left available, and the candle is safely left to burn all the way down. Burn times vary based on the selection candle. We send one picture of photographic evidence that we are actually performing this candle service on your behalf. *NOTE* you can send us a brief description/version of your intention, and we will burn that as Spirit Mail.

Yes, but why?

Because life is difficult. Not just right now, but always. Because the pandemic and shipping restrictions, being stuck in close proximity, and the kids always home and up in your business. Not everyone has the time, the safe space, or the access to such items. This is us making life a little bit better, and little more accessible.

This Burn It For Me candle service will be carried out by Sammy Darko or Jonny Candle (aka Jonathan).

Please message us before purchase if you have any questions, we're here for you!

candle burn it for me by five corners co

We neither have the right or ability to guarantee any of the spiritual claims in this description. Therefore, these Services are Sold Only As Curio and are meant for Entertainment Purposes only.
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Burn It For Me Candle Service
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