Work With Us

Give your customers something to rave about! Our signature products excite the senses, align with practical needs, and check the boxes - handcrafted, thoughtfully made, quality make, and locally produced by a small business.

Whatever the size of your business or practice, we'd love to do business with you! All we need is to verify your shop or practice, and you're in! Here's what else:

  • Once approved, you'll have access to our super secret wholesale site! Woohoo!
  • Explore unseen selections of product that suit your customer base and your purposes for business.
  • Wholesale goods are sold in case values - 6 items to a case - no other minimums.
  • Products that don't sell can be swapped out for equal value items after 90 days.
  • Current Signature Products: Candles, Incense, Oils, Salts

Contact us at or our contact form below to connect and start doing business together!

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