Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialty exists in the realm of the curious and spiritual. If you ever have a question, just ask!

Since the pandemic and the political/social events that have followed, we have had to consistently explore more options to produce our signature products. We are a very small business and do not have the purchasing power of some other businesses that have been around much longer.

We have designed a "SHOP by Intention" menu to help guide you to the items you may need. If still in doubt, reach out! We're always happy to guide you!

We choose to leave energy as-is so that you have the option to empower your own materials as you see fit. Other than Moon Water, we do not craft anything with any other additional energy other than it's natural existence.

Failure to make a working achieve a goal/purpose does happen. This is often due to the wrong item/spell applied to a need or desired outcome. We recommend trying again with a different method or tools.

Nope. We cannot legally guarantee that, nor would we want to. Everyone's craft is different, their approach is case-by-case, and though magick has been around for ages, it has not been studied enough to ascertain a specific outcome.

Whether it's the wrong item, broken, or whatever else - reach out to us. We dont have a majority of 5-Star ratings here and our other selling channels for not reason. We got you covered!