Corners Club Loyalty & Referral Program

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We have partnered with Smile and are thrilled to announce an exciting, new customer loyalty and referral program, called the Corners Club. Once you're signed up, you will unlock all sorts of interesting deals and perks, including access to "Corners Coin" (or, CC for short).

It's completely free to join and unlocks a number of awesome advantages. Take a look at some of the perks that are included below.

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Ways To Earn CC

Earn 200 CC automatically for simply joining the Corners Club.
Earn 5 CC for every $1 spent.
Earn 200 free CC on your birthday.^
Earn 50 free CC for liking our page on Facebook.
Earn 50 free CC for following us on Instagram.



Ways To Redeem Your CC

Purchase Discount: Receive a dollar off for every 100 CC that you redeem at checkout on orders $30 and up.*
Percentage Off Your Order: Receive 10% off your entire order when you redeem 1,000 CC on orders $30 and up.*
$5 Off: Redeem 500 CC for $5 off at checkout on orders $30 and up.*



In addition to earning Corners Coin, the program also includes other ways to save.


Referral Rewards


Unlock $5 off an order when you refer friends and encourage them to shop with us, using a special referral link! And, to sweeten the deal, they get $5 off their first order, too! You can also earn rewards by sharing your referral links to your favorite social media sites or through email - sweet, sweet deals, just in time for the holidays! `


Ready to join? Click here!


Important Notes About Corners Club
Corners Coin (CC) is digital currency and cannot be exchanged for cash. CC is owned by and is unique to Five Corners Co.
^ 200 Birthday CC: To earn 200 free CC on your birthday, you must have submitted your birth date information at least 30 days prior to that date.
* You can apply CC to receive your discount or percentage off on any purchase over $30, excluding taxes and shipping.
` Offers only valid on orders over $30, excluding taxes and shipping.


Questions? Feel free to contact us.