About Us

How did we get our start? Well, as frequent shoppers of the spiritual and metaphysical market we noticed as these concepts became more mainstream, the quality and spirit of shops became pretty dull. Of course, this was shortly after the Great Recession and a political war attempting to stomp out anything that existed outside of the one-God, one-religion, one party of fascism nonsense. But those things happen every other eight years or so, so what happened to our beloved shops?? Our guess is just lack of spiritual enthusiasm.

One day in Roseville, California we decided to take arms against this failure to provide quality goods and efficacious metaphysical supplies. We grabbed our last pay checks and started out with a simple line of colored pillar candles. In a small amount of time, we were able to resupply a handful of these shops, breathing new life onto their shelves. We even found some new shops like ours on the journey! It was like finding saplings under scorched earth after a forest fire.

As we grew, our identity and purpose evolved. We knew our specialty was hand crafted signature products, but what of the battle against lame spiritual shops? Instead of just trying to ignite some hot, passionate fire under these shops we decided to be the shop for people like ourselves - craving and yearning for a taste of the reminiscent past without the dust, the cliques, and the gatekeeping.

In 2019, we cast a spell for wind in our sails and wound up in Kentucky! We put our energy into growing what we had access to - our online shop! It's gone through many changes, names, and what not, but we hammered it out. We even have a mission statement!

Our Mission: Causing catalytic change by curious means.

Indeed, we do just that! Causing catalytic change by curious means, be it by candle, by mineral, or spiritual things. Twisted as the path may come, no rock nor end will have you done. Want is a but an empty thing - a remedy to that we bring!
Our methods are of an eclectic sense of spirituality and energy work, and we bring that 'ol special something back to the table. The shop's still small, but growing steadily in diverse product and efficacious wonders. We hope to one day be able to serve our customers in-person at brick and mortar location. Until then, cheers to the online shop!