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    Tumbles come in nearly every variety - polished, smooth, and in full representation of a crystal or stone's nature! Put them in your pocket, a mojo bag, on the sacred space, or just hold them to balance out your energy and intentions! Our collection of crystals, gemstones, and minerals are thoughtfully curated from trusted sources who care for environmental sustainability and fair trade practices.
    5 products
    Pile of rose quartz tumbled crystals.
    Rose quartz tumbled crystal.
    Rose Quartz Tumbled
    Pile of clear quartz tumbled crystals.
    Clear quartz tumbled crystal.
    Clear Quartz Tumbled
    Pile of tumbled citrine crystals.
    Tumbled citrine crystal.
    Citrine Tumbled
    Pile of black tourmaline tumbled.
    Tumbled black troumaline.
    Black Tourmaline Tumbled
    Pile of tumbled rainbow moonstone crystals.
    Tumbled rainbow moonstone crystal.
    Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled
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