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    Sammy Darko is co-owner of Five Corners Co and founder of Darko Services. As a psychic empath and practicing Witch, Darko is the curator of original works in the casting of Witchcraft and occult services. His specialty involves the use of divination techniques, shamanic journey, and eclectic methods found in various traditions of the Craft. Years of experience has brought forth a melding of Darko to the Spiritual, tapping into a constant relationship of the unseen realm to the everyday mundane. With this, Sammy Darko brings forward his services to benefit others to navigate life’s obstacles and gain the upper hand in unfair circumstances.

    Darko's professional background includes life coach, spiritual guidance counseling, trauma rehabilitation, and energy reading. As of recently, Darko has taken to the use of scrying in his works such as: Carromancy (reading wax), Oneiromancy (dream divination), and Pyromancy (reading flame). These methods of scrying and divination are incorporated into spellcasting to improve and further define accurate outcomes for the best results for his clients.

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    1 product
    Burn It For Me Candle Service