We Know It's Been A Little Weird The Past 48 Hours

Hello Everyone!
We hope you're enjoying your weekend so far, spending it with friends, fam, and the ones you love!
We just wanted to provide a quick update to you all -- our official website came at a rather turbulent time, in that once we decided to dive in, availability on certain raw materials changed, prices seemed to skyrocket, there were increased shipping rates from the USPS, we had a few technical issues on the back-end of our website, Mercury's in freakin' Retrograde, …you get the point.
Long story short; a lot happened at once, it was super wonky, and we're sincerely sorry for any headaches that may have been caused. We believe we've come to a good place now, as far as the website and product pricing.
We decided to have a Flash Sale this weekend (and, yes, we're doing it again next weekend!), as a way to say thanks for the patience, and thank you more for your continued support on this journey we're all taking together!
Next, I wanted to take a minute to highlight something about the site that you may (or may not) know!
We have a fully operational chat widget for our website that appears both on desktop and mobile. We are available to answer any questions you may have from 8:00am EST to 10:00pm EST, seven days a week! It can be found in the bottom, right-hand side of your screen.

 The beginning parts are intuitive; it says "hi," then asks for your email in the event that a connection is lost. It then asks if you want to sign up for our newsletter (you can decline). If you say "yes," you receive a 10% off site-wide discount! And then, beyond this point, we are on standby for any chats we receive! If it's in your way, simply collapse the window by tapping (or clicking) on the down arrow symbol.
chat box collapse arrow
We hope this post helps to explain all the crazy as of late. We feel as though we've landed in a good spot (for now), and will keep y'all updated, as always.
In the meantime, please chat with us (using the method above) or contact us, if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations!
- Darko

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