What Are Double Action Candles?

By Sammy Darko 10/20/21


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What Are Double Action Candles?


Candles and their uses in witchcraft can be intimidating for those who may be new to the Craft. There are regular color pillars, two-tone double actions, container candles, chime candles, and much, much more! While I won't be going over all the various types of candles in this post, I do want to write about double action candles today. So, grab your favorite beverage, maybe a comfy blanket, and read on for more!

Popular Theory

Many aspects of magic follow a basic principle that is often overlooked: what appears, is. Sometimes (well, actually most times) it's much more simple than it is complicated. Double action candles are no exception and are about as "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" as it comes! In the case of double action spell candles, we first notice the two different colors - the colors may represent their own properties when independent, however, when the two colors are combined, this creates a more potent combination in spell work done with intention and for faster results.


A candle (x1) used in spell work represents a form of action, when multiplied by 2 it equals double action (x2). Therefore, a double action candle contains two colors with various meaning/s, combined for extra-potency.


Reversal Double Action Candles

the art of hoodoo candle magic by catherine yronwode and mikhail strabo

The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic. Buy it here.


In poking around the internet, it's hard to find any credible writings on double action candles. Luckily, we own a pretty extensive witchcraft/hoodoo library, and in my quick index scanning I came across a few good tidbits and excerpts. In Catherine Yronwode and Mikhail Strabo's The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic, it is stated that "double action" candles are semi-limited in what they represent; repelling jinxes and attracting what is desired.


These types of double action candles contain a color on one part, say blue, and then the other half is black. The colorful part, if on top, must be "butted." Butting a candle is where the user would cut off the original tip of the candle and then replace the sections of the candle so that the black portion is on top. This can be done by carefully carving out the wick. You could also turn it upside-down so that the black half is on top.


According to The Magical Power of the Saints by Rev. Ray T. Malbrough, the most popular reversal candles are white and black, red and black, and green and black.


the magical power of the saints by rev. ray t. malbrough

The Magical Power of the Saints by Rev. Ray T. Malbrough. Buy it here.


Luckily, things are more user-friendly now, and we carry an entire line of double action candles where the colors are where they ought to be, based on their intentions. As tradition goes, any of our double action candles that contain black are meant to reverse or to send back. It's also worth noting that Hoodoo Candle Magic states that, traditionally, double action candles come in 6" and 9" variations, which can be messy and fussy and also it's advised they aren't left unattended - whereas ours are a more-compact 4" size (at least for now).


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