Symbols 101: What They Mean in Magick

Symbolism is a fundamental aspect of witchcraft and the occult. It’s a language that witches and practitioners of magick use to communicate with their deities, spirits, and the natural world. Symbols are used to represent concepts, emotions, and ideas that are important in magical practices.

The study of symbolism is crucial for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of witchcraft and the occult. This article explores the significance of symbolism in witchcraft and the occult and how they can be used to enhance your magickal practice.

Symbols 101: What They Mean in Magick

The Importance of Symbolism in Witchcraft

Symbolism plays a vital role in witchcraft because it helps to create a connection between the practitioner and the magical energy they are working with. Symbols are used to focus the mind and direct the flow of energy towards a specific goal.

pentacle drawn from salt

For example, the pentacle is a powerful symbol in witchcraft that represents the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit) and is used in rituals to create a protective circle. Because of what the pentacle stands for, it is also the inspiration behind our brand's name; Five Corners Company!

The symbol of the moon is also important in witchcraft and is often used to represent the feminine, intuition, and the cycles of nature.

woman cradling the moon

Symbols are also used to represent deities, spirits, and other entities that are invoked during magical practices. For example, the triple moon symbol is used to represent the goddess in her three aspects (maiden, mother, and crone) and is often used in rituals to honor the goddess.

triple moon against darkness

The horned god symbol is used to represent the masculine aspect of divinity and is often used in rituals that honor the god.

horned god symbol atop pink roses

The Significance of Symbolism in the Occult

Symbolism is also an essential aspect of the occult. It is used to communicate with spirits, entities, and other dimensions of reality that are beyond our physical senses. Symbols are used to open portals, create sigils, and invoke spirits. For example, the sigil is a symbol that is created by combining letters or symbols to create a unique design. The sigil is charged with the energy of the intention behind it and is used to manifest that intention in the physical world.

Symbols are also used to represent the different paths and practices within the occult. For example, the symbol of the ouroboros (a snake or dragon eating its own tail) is used to represent the cyclical nature of time and is often associated with alchemy.

anicet looking version of the ouroboros

The symbol of the eye in a triangle (also known as the Eye of Providence) is often used to represent the Illuminati and is associated with conspiracy theories.

all-seeing eye symbol

How to Use Symbolism in Your Magickal Practice

The use of symbolism in your magical practice can enhance your connection to the energy you are working with and help to manifest your intentions. Here are some ways that you can incorporate symbolism into your magical practice:

  • Research the symbols that are important in your magical practice and learn their meanings. This will help you to understand the significance of the symbols and how they can be used in your practice.
  • Use symbols in your rituals and spells. For example, you can draw a pentacle in the air with your finger or a wand to create a protective circle, or you can burn a sigil to manifest your intention. You can also use various salts, like the ones you can buy here.
  • Create your own symbols. Personal symbols are powerful because they are charged with your own energy and intention. You can create a symbol that represents your own personal power, your connection to the natural world, or your spiritual journey.
  • Meditate on symbols. Meditating on symbols can help to deepen your connection to the energy they represent. You can use guided meditations or visualization exercises to connect with the energy of a symbol.


Symbols are an integral part of witchcraft and the occult, offering a way to connect with the divine and tap into the hidden energies of the universe. By using these symbols in spells, rituals, and meditation, practitioners can deepen their spiritual practice, enhance their intuition, and achieve personal transformation.

Whether you're drawn to traditional symbols like the pentacle and the moon, or prefer modern symbols like the triple moon and the ouroboros, there is a wealth of magickal wisdom to be gained by exploring the symbolism of witchcraft and the occult.

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