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Being a magick-leaning person, you've likely heard of hexes and curses. These negative energies can cause a great deal of harm to the people they target, and it can be challenging to know how to protect yourself from them. One popular method of protection is the use of Reversal Candles.

product highlight double action reversal candles

In this post, we'll explore one of our most popular candles, the Hex Reversal Candle; what these candles are, how they work, and the benefits they offer. We'll also take a closer look at how to use them in your magickal practice!

What Are Hex Reversal Double Action Candles?

Hex Reversal candles are a type of candle that is designed to break hexes, curses, and other negative energies. They work by absorbing the negative energy and reversing it back to the sender, effectively breaking the hex or curse.

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These candles are typically made with a variety of ingredients, including color, fragrance oils, and in some cases, other magickal elements (such as herbs). Each ingredient is chosen for its specific properties and intended to aid in breaking the hex and reversing its effects.

How Do Hex Reversal Double Action Candles Work?

Hex Reversal candles work by using the principle of sympathetic magick. This principle suggests that like attracts like, and so if you want to break a hex, you need to create an opposing force that will cancel out the negative energy.

When you light a Hex Reversal candle, the candle's flame serves as a beacon for the energy you want to break. As the candle burns, it releases the magickal properties and intentions, creating a powerful energy that works to neutralize the negative energy of the hex.

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As the candle burns, it also creates a protective shield around the person or object it's intended to protect. This shield helps to prevent further hexes or curses from being directed at the person or object.

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Why Are Double Action Candles Two Different Colors?

In magic, double action candles are often used in candle spells and rituals to help manifest a desired outcome or intention. The two different colors of the candle represent the duality of the situation, with one color representing the desired outcome and the other color representing the obstacle or opposing force that needs to be overcome.

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For example, a double action candle used with intentions for unblocking love restraints might have a red half to represent the passion and desire for a relationship, and a black half to represent any negativity or obstacles that may be blocking the path to love. The idea is that by lighting the candle, the practitioner is bringing the opposing forces into harmony and balance, and allowing the positive energy to overcome the negative.

The specific colors used in double action candles can vary depending on the intention of the spell or ritual, as different colors can be associated with different energies and qualities. Overall, the use of two different colors in double action candles is meant to represent the duality of the situation and the need to balance and harmonize opposing forces in order to manifest the desired outcome. We sell a wide variety of Double Action candles in our shop - be sure to carefully read the product descriptions so you purchase the correct type!

Benefits of Using Hex Breaker Reversal Candles

There are several benefits to using Hex Breaker Reversal Candles in your magickal practice. Here are just a few:


Reversal and undoing Double Action candles are designed to reverse the effects of hexes and curses, effectively breaking them and sending them back to the sender. This can be a powerful tool in protecting yourself and your loved ones from harm.


Some Double Action candles offer a cleansing effect, helping to remove any residual negative energy that may be lingering after a hex has been broken. Some types offer renewal and rejuvenation. These types of Double Action candles can be beneficial for promoting healing and positive energy in the affected person or object.

Peace of Mind

Some Double Action candles can provide assurance that you're taking proactive steps to protect yourself from harm. This can be especially important if you've been the target of a hex or curse in the past.

Bear in mind that there are endless types of Double Action candles. The above mentioned are just a few of them!

How to Properly Use Double Action Reversal Candles

Using Double Action Reversal candles is a relatively simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use them in your magickal practice:

  1. Choose the right candle: Make sure you select the appropriate type of Reversal candle that's made for your specific situation (see above).

  2. Prepare your space: Before you light the candle, it's essential to prepare your space. This can include smudging the area with sage or other cleansing herbs, setting up any protective talismans or crystals, and creating a calm, peaceful environment. You can read about creating an awesome Sacred Space by clicking here.

  3. Set your intention: As you light the candle, focus your energy and intention on your situation and reversing its effects. Visualize the negative energy being absorbed by the candle and replaced with positive, protective energy.

  4. Monitor the candle: As the candle burns, pay attention to any signs or symbols that may appear in the wax or flame. These can be interpreted as messages from the universe or spirit realm and may provide insight into your situation.

  5. Dispose of the candle: Once the candle has burned down, dispose of it in a respectful manner. Some people choose to bury the candle or dispose of it in running water to further neutralize the negative energy.

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Double Action Reversal candles are a powerful tool in protecting yourself from negative energy and breaking hexes and curses. By using the principle of sympathetic magick and harnessing the power of specific ingredients, these candles can create a protective shield and reverse the effects of negative energy.

Once again, there are endless types of Reversal and Double Action candles out there. On our site, just read the product descriptions to find your ideal candle!

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