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Gather 'round the cauldron and sit a spell:

We've got new services in the brew, with Candle Conjure being one of them. Lot's of time and energy has gone into polishing our sacred space to be of good use, just itching to be used!

The Candle Conjure service uses our very own signature candles, oils, incense, and mixes in a special method for remote purposes. This working allows you to customize and determine the energy involved with your intention: select any of six our magical salt mixes to have your primary candle blessed & dressed, and add-on a Warding Candle mixed in our signature Black Witch Salt to infuse protection and warding properties from influence and negative energy. At checkout, use the Add Order Note box to let us know what your intention is, and provide us with your full name, date of birth, and city/state so we can tag-lock the service to you and carve the candle with purpose. (If no personal info is provided, we will use what we can from checkout). Available now here.

Our salt mixes present in six categories: Change & Success, Healing & Cleansing, Love & Fertility, Luck & Prosperity, Sacred & Spiritual, Shield & Protection. These are part of our upcoming Bless & Dress service that will be available only in the USA for products eligible for delivery.

Sammy Darko is available again for Tarot & Divination services! We'll be offering quick spreads, past-present-future layouts, and the full Celtic Cross spreads. Our tarot decks are getting prepped and prayed over as we speak, so get your questions and curiosities ready!

Our 1:1 Consultation service grants anyone opportunity to spend extra time with us to cover topics in length. This can be related to a tarot follow-up, in-depth questions and answers surrounding products, and general magical/spiritual subjects that need a deeper look and fresh perspective.

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