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By Jonny Candle 10/6/21

Money Magic

The magical topic most valued and sought after is the matter of money and finances, as far as magic in America is concerned. In the United States, money governs such things as social status, health, and freedom. Each individual's life in the country is strapped and dictated by cash flow - and often as to where it comes from. Isn't that silly? It is the top value of its culture because of the extreme dependency upon it. Unfortunately this is the nature and mechanism of the country, and it cannot be changed without the total death of its title and purpose, and the replacement of something completely different and new. Magically and spiritually speaking, this is the Law of the Land, and this must be taken into consideration to understand how and why money magic is performed within its boundaries.


With this being said, it makes sense that this magical topic is topic No.1! So the big question is does money magic work and how is it done?

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Firstly, money is not a thing - it is an energy or element, such as heat or water. Heat eventually dissipates and transfers, whereas water can change into three different forms. Money truly has no form, as we see in our modern age, it can be digitized credit passed from one person to the next. It is constantly moving in and out of form, from one place to the next - as cash, as digital, or in asset form such as a house - which even that value is moving in and out of form. The goal is to either "contain", "slow down", or "channel" it towards you.
Money magic does work, and is performed in various ways in simultaneous fashion. However, there is no such thing as a "once and done" working. The magical act of attracting and trapping money must be done consistently. A money working can take the form of a spell, an item strategically placed in a room, and what you may be surrounded with such as décor and color.
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In my life I have lived in financial comfort, with financial instability, and with little to no money at all. I have learned that through these experiences that money is not a thing, it is energy. By magical means, I have also found that it can be "pulled" in and "attracted" using like-with-like energy. What I mean by that is using the Law of Contagion (energy that rubs off from a source) and the Doctrine of Signatures (natural resemblance) to determine what is required to conduct money-energy.

Tips & Tricks

1. Keep It Clean

Nothing, and I do mean nothing will work at full strength if your home, office, or business is in a state of squalor. No energy, such as money-energy, can flow up in your house with debris sitting in the way collecting dust and insects. Get your space tidy, and clean those surfaces. If you can see dust, marks, or items on the ground, it is time to get up and put it where it needs to go. Dirty spaces are the actual manifestation of your own magical arteries being clogged. And no, visualizing clean auras and white light does not replace the actual act of cleaning. The last thing anyone needs is rot to set into their space because they sat around daydreaming about what a Heavenly light looks like.

2. Like Attracts Like

"You are what you hang with". This includes your environment. Money in the United States is green and metalic-shiny in its solid form, and highly valuable items that may back money such as gold and diamonds have their similar traits. Your home, office, and business should have these traits reflected in their environments. For example, add green and gold into a room, or place literal or figurative money symbols around such as a statue of Hotai Buddha or an animal totem known for prosperity like cats, frogs, and chickens. If you bring that contagious money energy into your space, it will rub off on you as well.


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3. Use Candles

Candles bring the creative energy of fire, and can be modified more than any other item. There are so many different variants to using candles for money. The obvious is green for a basic start. Incorporating crystals and stones to accompany candles lands a huge impact in money-energy. For example, light a Green Candle surrounded by Green Calcite to amplify money growth in your endeavors. Use spell candles tailored specifically to attract money, such as a Money Spell Candle. Spell candles are different from basic color candles, as they are created with additional elements that specify "money" as opposed to "luck" or "healing".


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If you are self employed, there are more opportunities for money to come your way, as opposed to working a 9-5 job in which there is only one revenue stream. This changes the approach for more money:

Self Employed people will have more luck with any type of money related candle, as their income may arrive from different avenues. These folks will find benefit from Green Candles, Money Spell Candles, and Luck Spell Candles.

Single Income people rely on one source of revenue, and will find benefit from increasing that singular source or finding a better source of revenue stream. These folks will find benefit from Green Candles, Opportunity Spell Candles, and Success Spell Candles.

This is another example of the Law of the Land, and the situation directly impacts the level of success you may have dependent on your given circumstance.

Finishing Up

Using magic to bring more money into your life does not have to be complicated. It is not obscured in exact methodology that was formulated back in the day. In fact, back in the day things were much different from as they are now which changed how the game is played. Whereas there are more ways that money can enter your life in our modern age, there are just as many ways for it to exit your life. It can become overwhelming as well as an uphill struggle.


With that said, my partner Sammy Darko and I made an incredible trek from California to Kentucky. We used money magic to ensure a comfortable travel to our destination. Shortly after, adversity struck in tandem with the pandemic. And with the very same Tips & Tricks in this blog, we have been able to redirect money energy to overcome extreme obstacles, build back a business, and resurface from a circumstance that would displace most people. Are we rich? No. But we have escaped a situation that I can only liken to falling into quicksand. And I hope this blog helps someone else to survive their own quicksand in their life.


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