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Elysium herbal blessing prosperity candles by Five Corners Co.
Elysium Prosperity Affirmation Spell Candle
from $12.50
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Dark Horse herbal blessing candles for success by Five Corners Co.
Dark Horse Success Affirmation Spell Candle
from $12.50
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Smudge herbal blessing cleansing candles by Five Corners Co.
Smudge Cleansing Affirmation Spell Candle
from $12.50
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Kalava herbal blessing aura protection candles by Five Corners Co.
Kalava Protection Affirmation Spell Candle
from $12.50
Rift herbal blessing remove obstacles candles by Five Corners Co.
Rift Remove Obstacles Affirmation Spell Candle
from $12.50
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All corners magick

What are the five corners, you ask? Five Corners incorporates all of the five elements into its business model; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. We do so by offering a variety of candles (fire), hand-dipped incense (air), oils and moon water (water), various crystals, gemstones, and salts (earth), and finally, remote, psychic services and divinations (spirit).

Welcome to the center of the five corners.

We love our customers


Beautifully crafted and smells great. I really appreciate that the owners provided additional tools. Within 24 hours of burning, received confirmation of energy that was needed/cleared.

hex breaker by five corners co
Hollis. NY

Loved it! I also did the Burn It For Me as I don't have the space at the moment and needed reassurance. They reached out to me right away to let me know they received my order and a picture as well. It was personal and sweet. 😍 Thank you so much again for having this as an option. I can't wait to buy more. Thanks so much again!

burn it for me by five corners co
Seattle, WA

We’re gonna get this new job! And these candles are definitely gonna help! Plus they make my place smell good. Not overpowering at all but very faint. Very happy!

new job double action by five corners co
Chicago, IL

Love the consistency of the oil! Not too sticky and easy to use to anoint candles. I can tell that it was bottled with love and care 😊

seraphim syrup by five corners co
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely stunning and smells amazing. It is a darker color then I expected but it is so pretty I actually like IRL color better then the pics ❤️

green ritual pillar candle by five corners co
Ozark, AL

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